Dennis Rader


Dennis Rader Bobblehead


The BTK killer, bind, torture, kill, a name Dennis Rader came up with himself in letters he sent to police and the media. A publicity hound jerk. This guy came off as perfectly normal, but inside his brain was squirming like a toad. He murdered ten people between 1974 and 1988. His murder of the Otero family was particularly horrific.

What makes this guy so scary is his composure during interviews. It’s hard to reconcile his words with his calm smooth demeanor. He describes in detail his brutal sadistic crimes as if he was describing changing a light bulb. This is truly the behavior of a psychopath. He has no empathy or remorse. He tortured animals as a kid and liked to wear women’s underwear that he stole. Just typical behavior for a nutty as a squirrel turd psychopath.

To complete his facade of normality her was the congregation president at his church. That must have come as a shock. As a nod toward his guise we have him holding a cross in one hand and a knife in the other.

*Thank you Jim

For the faces our artists work from the most publicized and familiar images taken from various media sources. The bodies are created out of our imagination with a slant toward some relevance and toward just a touch of humor if that’s possible with this cast of characters. Especially with this guy who represents himself as a straight arrow.

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