Albert Fish


Albert Fish Bobblehead


Think of all the weird perversions man has dreamed up and you can find all of them encapsulated in this one person, Albert Fish. What a piece of work. Talk about a conversation piece. You could spend hours pondering the depths of this guys depravity.  Remember, this guy was born in 1870. It was still the Wild West out West. When he was twenty, in New York City he was prostituting himself and raping young boys. We tend to think depravity on this scale is an affliction of the modern age. Of course it isn’t so. I’m sure every age has a few specimens who test the limits of perversion. Although pervert doesn’t seem adequate to describe this nut-case. There should be a single word that encapsulates bi-sexual rapist cannibalistic pedophile. We just can’t think of one. He was all these things and much, much, more. Leave this bobblehead on your desk at work to strike up conversation. You’re bound to get people talking.

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