Ed Gein


Ed Gein Bobblehead



The folks in Plainfield thought Ed was a regular stand up kind of guy, and he probably was before his brain jumped the track. First, let me tell you. Our artists work from the most publicized and familiar images taken from various media sources. The bodies are created out of our imagination with a slant toward some relevance and a bit of humor where we can.

The people of Plainfield had no idea they had a budding celebrity in their midst. His twisted mind conjured up arts and crafts projects from cadavers that were so horrific that seventy five years later would inspire the production of major hollywood films like silence of the lambs and Texas Chain Saw Massacre. He inspired Robert Bloch to write his novel Psycho which Alfred Hitchcock later made into a major motion picture. Now, the greatest testament to his macabre social endurance, Psycho Killer Bobbleheads.

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