Richard Ramirez


Richard Ramirez Bobblehead


If you look up evil in the dictionary you’ll see this guy’s name as a reference. He’s just your standard-run-of-the-mill murdering psychopath. In 1984-1985, he terrorized Los Angeles and San Francisco by breaking into people’s homes at night and brutally raped and murdered the residents therein.

The media, always ready to exploit a, if it bleeds it leads story, dubbed him “the Night Stalker.” He’s another one who claimed the devil made him do it. After all, he was a vowed satanist. He liked to flash a pentagram drawn on the palm of his hand whenever the press was there ready to suck it up. He loved to play for the media. Thankfully, he died of hepatitis in prison, saving us the expense.

For the faces our artists work from the most publicized and familiar images taken from various media sources. The bodies are created out of our imagination with a slant toward some relevance and a touch of humor if that’s possible. One more thing, the police realized all of these attacks on women were being perpetrated by the same individual because they all reported he had bad teeth and his breath stank.

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