Jeffery Dahmer


Jeffery Dahmer Bobblehead


Making a name for yourself isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. There must be ten thousand Dahmer’s in America but when you hear the name you think of one person. That really sucks for the other 10,000. Having to endure some comment you’ve already heard a million times only points to the utter disbelief of Mr. Dahmer’s sexual fetishes. As long as we’re looking at his deviant behavior how about his dining practices? We won’t get into it here but we thought it was cute of us to have Bon Appetit on his shirt and serving up a snack.

This guy takes the cake as far as whacked-out nut jobs go. He could give Ed Gein a run for the money. In the late 80s he began frequenting bathhouses in the Milwaukee area to pick up men. He didn’t like his sex partners to move during the sex act so her began sedating and raping them as they slept. At one point he experimented with drilling holes in his intended victims head and poured acid into it. This was an attempt to create a living but immobile sex zombie. After he was sent to prison a fellow inmate stabbed him to death. These are just thumbnail bio’s you can ready much more on all of these killers on the internet.

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