Dorthea Puente


Dorthea Puente Bobblehead


She was a feisty one all right. Always working an angle.

She lived a hard life, looking for love in all the wrong places. Married four times she had numerous sams and prosecuted for them more times than not, What’s amazing is how little time she served. She must have presented well in court to have received such light sentences time and time again.

In the end she turned out to be not as clever as she thought she was. Murdering your tenants so you can collect their social security checks is bound to come to a bad end. She was popular with local social workers because she was willing to take in the “hard cases.” Drug addicts and alcoholics. She even received accolades from the city of Sacramento. At the same time she was ordered to stay away from the elderly and government checks. She continued her racket and was never prosecuted for these crimes. It wasn’t until social workers noticed their clients started disappearing and the neighbors got suspicious of all the late night gardening going on at Puente’s boarding house.

Our artists worked from the most publicized and familiar images taken from various media sources. The bodies were a product of our imagination with a slant toward relevance and a touch of humor thrown in at no extra charge.

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