Dr. HH Holmes


Dr. HH Holmes Bobblehead


All bobbleheads are approximately 7″ tall. The faces on our bobbleheads are modeled from the most publicized and familiar images taken from various media sources. The bodies on the other hand are a product of our fertile imaginations with a slant toward some relevance with a little humor thrown in at no extra charge. This weird bird’s criminal antics date back to 1886 when he first arrived in Chicago. He was basically an educated con man who got the goods on practically everyone he came into contact with if he thought they had something he wanted. Dr. Holmes has had a long run in American folk legend. A lot of the legend is bogus, stories cooked up by pulp magazine publishers in the 40’s, but some of it is true. It’s true that he killed to collect on life insurance policies. He confessed to twenty seven murders but only nine could be confirmed.

The Murder Hotel or Castle for which he’s infamous did exist. He built this three story building in hopes of opening it as a hotel to cash in on the Chicago Worlds Fair, the Columbian Exposition. The story is that guests checked in but they never checked out. Kind of like the Roach Motel. The truth is he didn’t get it done in time. The entire project was a scam to shake down investors, suppliers and contractors. He was sued over fifty times in his illustrious career. He never met a man or woman that he didn’t try to get something out of. One of the stories about the good doctor is that he had a thriving business selling human skeletons to university’s and medical centers.

On May 7th, 1896 he was hung. His story was notorious in its time and received wide publicity in the international press. Dr. Holmes also claimed, like many of these serial killers, that he was possessed by Satan. Boy, that guy get’s around, Satan that is.

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