John Wayne Gacy


John Wayne Gacy Bobblehead


John Wayne Gacy. oh man, this guy, of all the sorry sacks of psychopathic shit in this collection this guy really makes me want to inflict cruel and unusual punishment. Too bad they already disposed of him. Aside from all the families he brought endless pain to just for his sick self gratification. Aside from that, animals have better sense than to foul their own nests. This guy lived with 26 decomposing body’s under his living room floor. Visitors said they could smell it.
And then this fat slob and his POGO the Clown thing. Gees…he actually entertained children in his ridiculous clown out fit. Yes, we have POGO in the collection. He’s another psychopath living right under the noses of his neighbors, employees, – the ones he didn’t kill – and friends. These psychopaths are so good at acting like normal humans it’s amazing. He pulled it off for years without anyone catching on.  It makes you wonder about the guy down the street doesn’t it? They say there are hundreds thousands of psychopaths walking the streets. Not all of them are serial killers of course but they are all about themselves. I think i’m going to go home and lock the doors and never go out. -Just Kidding –

All bobbleheads are approximately 7″ tall. The heads are rendered from the most publicized and familiar images taken from main stream media.

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