Gary Ridgeway


Gary Ridgeway Bobblehead


Talk about acting normal, this guy lived with his wife and kids for decades while he went out at night and murdered prostitutes. He was convicted of 49 murders but many think it’s much higher. He worked at Kenworth painting trucks for years. His co-workers thought he was a little weird but not THAT weird. This yea-hoo is the most prolithic serial killer in American history. At least as far as convictions. It took twenty years and DNA to catch up with this guy. His reign of terror ran from the 70’s through the 80’s and 90’s. He was so hard to catch because he was so “normal”.

He cut a deal to spare his life in exchange for showing where all the bodies were hidden. The majority were  hidden near or in the green river, hence the sobriquet The Green River Killer. I think we should renege on the deal.

Alll bobbleheads are apx. 7″ tall. The faces of our bobbleheads are rendered from the most publicized and familiar images taken from the media. Our artists do an incredible job of rendering them. The bodies are created out of our fertile imaginations with a slant toward relevance and just a touch of humor. We used a tooth brush to splatter paint on his coveralls.

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