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Adolf Hitler Bobblehead

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He doesn’t exactly fit the psycho killer theme here but by special request, we’ve included
Adolph Hitler. And why not? He was certainly a psychopath. He was certainly a killer even if indirectly.

We often hear the figure 6 million Jews, Gypsies, and other enemies of the state put to death in his extermination camps, but if you look at total lives lost as a result of WWII you get a figure more like 200 million. That sort of puts him in a class of his own dontcha think? Lest you think old Adolph and his friends spent all their time murdering people consider this; They also had a thriving business making themselves rich. They’d steal anything they could lay their hands on. Adolph’s good buddy Himmler kept the books on this pack of gangsters. Himmler’s personal army, the SS, in order not to be a burden I guess was solely supported by all the shit they could steal. They systematically cleared out the bank vaults in all the countries they invaded. I mean a nations entire gold reserve -gone, just like that. Not just banks either but museums, art galleries, individuals, anybody and any thing that had anything worth stealing they took it. It was a good thing, being buddies with Hitler. At least it was profitable. Hitler, Goring, Himmler, the whole gang became billionaires. At least for a while.

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