Charles Manson


Charles Manson Bobblehead


Charlie, Charlie, Charlie, what’s gotten in to you man?

Probably the most famous serial killer who never actually killed anyone or at least he was never convicted of killing anyone. He just talked other people into doing his killing for him. He brainwashed impressionable young women to do his bidding. He had a plan you see. He thought by killing some upper middle-class white people the white people would rise up in their righteous indignation and what? Invade South Central LA?

He was an affable sort of psychopath but clearly a psychopath. Back in the 60’s, California was crawling with self appointed guru’s and there was no shortage of sheeple looking for someone to follow. Manson was smart enough to exploit this “New Age” cultural movement. In fact there were several of these gangs of sheeple in both Southern and Northern California at the time. Fortunately they were mostly peaceful dope smoking people who thought getting a job was uncool. The worse thing that can be said about most of these “communes” is that they thought they could live this life style forever. Some of them did. You can see them today pushing shopping carts around with all their worldly possessions in black plastic trash bags.

Like the other bobbleheads in our collection, our artists model the faces from the most publicized and familiar images taken from various media sources. The body’s are created out of our fertile imaginations with a slant toward some relevance and, hopefully, with a touch of humor. All our bobbleheads are approximately 7″ tall.

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